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Интернет общество защитава правителството (20-5-2005)

Вени Марковски е изпратил писмо до Американския търговски представител Робърт Портман, в което възразява срещу изводите, направени за България в специалния доклад 301. Писмото е изпратено с копия до Посолствата на България в САЩ и на САЩ в България, както и до министъра на културата Нина Чилова.

Анализът на данните, въз основа на които България в включена в Доклад 301, показва, че те са неверни и тенденциозни, става ясно от текста на писмото на Марковски.

Следва цялото писмо, в оригинал, на английски език.

May 17, 2005

The Honorable Robert Portman
U.S. Trade Representative
Washington, D.C.
Via email: contactustr@ustr.eop.gov


Dear Ambassador Portman,

I am writing to you regarding your recently published Special 301 Report. It is based in part on the IIPA “2005 Special 301 report.” I refer to the discussion of Bulgaria on pages 69-85 in the IIPA report and your report discussing Bulgaria on page 37 of the Special 301 Report.

I write specifically to alert you to the false information, coming from sources like IIPA, BSA and other such sources, on which you had based your conclusions, which, as a consequence, are also erroneous. Specifically, you conclude that the Bulgarian government “has not taken effective steps to stop the increase in piracy and counterfeiting activity.” Yet, this accusation is based on wrong data, and therefore incorrect. Please allow me to provide information in defense of my government's efforts in the area of software “piracy” in the hope that you would either issue a correction or, at least, make policy decisions based on full and fair information..

Following are certain mistakes, errors and misleading data in the IIPA report with regard to so-called “software piracy.”

As you will note in remark 2 on page 70 of the IIPA report, the organization claims that “the “global” figures did not include certain computer applications, such as operating systems...” However, if you take a look at the same data, provided by the BSA, in the reports from 1994 until 2002 (note, that BSA changed its “methodology” at this point), you will notice that on the contrary – their reports were based precisely on operating systems and business software, such as MS Office. This becomes clear upon review of the following facts:

Bulgaria was taken off of the USTR Special 301 Watch Lis